Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween! I'm not doing anything too fun tonight... just avoiding candy and going to yoga after 4 days of being inside eating pizza, chips and a years worth of reese's peanut butter cups (seriously, its my weakness)! I am also pretty excited to see my Facebook newsfeed tonight with all of my friend's kiddos dressed up in cute costumes (wow, I'm old)! Enjoy! xo.


Shorts + Tights

Happy Wednesday! I'm back at work today and I'm really hoping all of my NYC friends are back with power / internet / blog access! :) Wow - I can't remember the last time I had a few days off of work when I had absolutely nothing to do. I always use my vacation days for traveling, never just sitting at home relaxing. It was amazing... I think I'll save a day or two next year to do just that! During my time off I browsed {pinterest} and {tumblr} for hours... conclusion: I am completely inspired by shorts with tights! I know this look isn't anything new, but its the first time that it caught my attention. What do you think?

images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Sandy] Survival Essentials

This was definitely not a planned blog post... but since I was off of work yesterday and they have shut down the city today, I thought I would share my "survival kit" with you! First, I can't believe this is the second hurricane I am experiencing in Philly. I never thought I had to worry about hurricanes when I moved here a little over a year ago.  Remember my {hurricane weekend} last year? This time we are being a little more pro-active. We are stocked up on essentials... you know, water, wine and reese's pb cups... and are staying inside so we don't blow away! Below is everything you need to survive a hurricane. Oh, and PS. I didn't include an umbrella... because there is no need for one. Both mine and Alejandro's broke as soon as we went out this morning! Yikes! **Disclaimer: I didn't include anything for a real survival... because those items are just a given! These are extras. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ohio Photo Sessions [Sneak Peak]

Last weekend when I was in Ohio I scheduled fall mini sessions with some of my favorite kiddos! I only took a few sessions since we had a some other plans for the weekend... so I can't wait to catch up with the rest of you next time I am in town! :) First up... Nolan.  You may remember him {here}, {here} and {here}... and man, is he growing up fast! Love that first photo of him... he is all smiles! Oh, and he had big news for me too... he is going to be a big brother in April!! :)

Let me introduce you to Nolan's cousins! Big sister Naomi and triplets, Olivia, Ella, and Nora! Seriously, the sweetest and most adorable family ever! How stinking cute are their outfits? And... I am so happy we got one of each of them by the same lighted tree! Love.

This handsom little man was my model {a year ago}... and he is still posing up a storm! He had no trouble telling me who was boss and where he wanted to take his photo at! :) As long as I listened to him, I got smiles... so I am cool with that! ;) So cute, Carson!

Last, I took engagement photos for my very good friends, Abbey and Adam! We took these photos in the evening and in the pouring rain! They were under an umbrella, I was under an umbrella, we had to use flash photography (which is never my favorite)... but we made it work and there are some great photos! Just one below... because I want them to be the first to share their favorites! xo.

October via Instagram

I know I say this every single month... but I really, really can't believe that it is November in 3 days! Which means - 56 days until Christmas!! Crazy... or as some like to say, "That's Cray"! I thought I would share some of my October with you via the photos on my iPhone! It was a short month for us as it flew by with jam-packed weekends including: a baseball playoff game in Baltimore, a visit with my best friend from Portland, travels to Ohio and a whole lot of yummy food and drinks (as always)!

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Left to right: trail mix day at work... we each brought an ingredient and mixed it all together / felt like a schoolgirl in my new {dv oxfords} / sunday morning tradition... avocado and eggs on toast with a latte from starbucks / ashley jo and her mini baby bump came to visit philly / my pumpkin got a face with some black puffy paint / a cute fall pic of me and my guy / couldn't resist the cookie section at whole foods / the most delicious pumpkin pancakes from the cafe at {terrain} / welcomed to ohio with champagne and cookies - my kind of style! / bloody mary bar at my sisters / pre-gaming with yummy bloodies / osu vs purdue game at ohio stadium / alejandro gave me the prettiest fall flowers / cuddles with charlie / wore {slippers} to tailgate... because, why not? / one of my handsome co-workers... yup, dogs are allowed at work! / halloween came early for a work baby shower / crooked mojitos and mexican food date!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Sweaters

Halloween is in 5 days! So... last chance to get yourself a super cute Halloween sweater or sweat (just learned that sweat is what they call sweatshirts in the UK... and personally, I think that sounds so much cooler)! I love what I am seeing at {ASOS} - so many different sweaters with ghosts, skeletons/skulls, and basically any animal you would want to be! A perfect alternative to a costume... and something you can wear more than once! If I were passing out candy this year I would wear this sweat, black leggings and ugg slippers!!

Friday's Fancies: {Party Time}

Happy Friday! AND... a huge Happy {Friday's Fancies} Day to my dear friend, {av}. Today marks her 100th FF and she is hosting a party to celebrate!! I'm not quite at 100 FF posts myself, but I do love sparkly dresses especially for the holidays! Here are some of the dresses I am dreaming about for this December. Which dress is your favorite? 

 [row one1 / 2 / 3  [row two]  4 / 5 / 6  [row three]  7 / 8 / 9

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BaubleBar Friends + Family

It's Friends and Family Season!! I hope you snagged up some goodies with the {Shopbop} event... and I hope you were lucky enough to score a {Sephora} Friends and Family card (I passed mine onto my Mom for Christmas Shopping)! ...But it's ok if you missed those because I have an even more exciting sale to share with you! My favorite place to pick up super cute baubles and jewels, {BaubleBar} is offering 25% off their already amazing prices! You definitely need to take advantage of this one... and no, its absolutely not too early to start your holiday shopping!! Click below to shop... or check out some of my favorite baubles {here}!  Happy Shopping! xo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Giveaway: {iPhone Case + Wallet}

For all of my blog friends who have not upgraded to the iPhone 5 yet... I have a fun little giveaway for you! Check out these adorable wallet cases for your phone... sponsored by my friends at Boostcase!

So cute... right? Well, one lucky reader can win a wallet case this Saturday, 10/27. It's a quick giveaway... so don't wait, fill out the raffle form below! :) And, if you have already upgraded to the 5 (like myself)... stay tuned for an updated version for your phone in November! :) Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
giveaway colors include your choice of: green, navy, black, white/peach combo.
pink and purple not available for giveaway, but can be purchase here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kate Spade Saturday

One of my favorite designers, {Kate Spade} has officially announced their new brand, Kate Spade Saturday, scheduled to launch in Spring 2013. The new multi-category brand will offer apparel, accessories, beauty, tabletop and home decor items to a younger customer (think ages 25-35) for less.

But... since you can't shop this new line for a few more months, I thought I would share a few of my current favorites at {Kate Spade New York}! Might just need to add the items below to my holiday wishlist! :)

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Monday, October 22, 2012

Black + Gold Brocade

I've been gravitating towards black and gold lately... and I am absolutely loving the combo in a brocade pattern! Maybe it's because the holiday's are slowly approaching and I always associate this fancy look with party attire! But it's not just for party attire anymore... I love the print on {denim} and these {velvet skinnies} are to die for! Here is some of my black + gold brocade inspiration -

images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Fancies: {Cat Lady}

Happy, Happy Friday! :) Today's {Friday's Fancies} theme is "Costume Prep" and while I have decided to retire my 'dressing up for Halloween' days, I am inspired by all of the cat apparel and accessories that is popping up at almost every retailer (in some way or another)! So... maybe in a way I will actually dress up as a crazy Cat Lady! I'm loving the {cat sweatshirt} below, obsessed with these {cat eye sunnies}... and I'm positive I could find some cat ears deep inside my costume box if I looked real hard! ;) What do you think? Have you hopped on the "cat" train yet? Oh, ps. my costume box I just mentioned... is ridiculously amazing!! :) What are you being for Halloween this year?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Say Cheese!

Because I LOVE everything about this photo and because I am headed to Ohio to this weekend for a handful of photo sessions! Super excited to see some of my favorite kiddos and take engagement photos for one of my good friends and her amazing husband-to-be! :) 

{Claiborne Swanson Frank}
How perfect is her style? I love it... and her {photography}! Only thing I would change... I'm a canon gal ;) PS. I have to admit... I probably wrote "say cheese!" 500 times! I am still not that great at writing on my drawing tablet that Alejandro got me almost a year ago! I'll have to keep practicing... maybe one day it will actually look like my handwriting! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shopbop F&F + My Picks

Only 24 hours left of Shopbop's Friends and Family Sale! Get 20% off your entire purchase by entering the code WEAREFAMILY at checkout. Definitely going to be taking advantage of this discount myself... my wishlist is calling my name! :) Check out a few items in my shopping bag -

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

PS. Did you know that Sephora's Friends and Family Sale starts tomorrow? Hope you can find a Sephora employee to send you a discount code... I heard a rumor that the codes can't be shared this year or I would totally give you mine! :) Happy Shopping!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Meeting The Sartorialist

On Saturday I went to {The Barnes Foundation} to check out the art exhibit unknowingly that Scott Shuman, photographer behind {The Sartorialist}, would be there for a meet and greet / book signing! It was my lucky day to meet the man who first connected fashion and everyday street life. Not only is he an inspiration to me as a photographer and a blogger... but he also went to Indiana University and graduated with a degree in Apparel Merchandising - just like me! :)

I decided to buy one of his famous prints from the streets of NYC - a classic shot of Harper's Bazaar editor {Joanna Hillman}. His posters have only been available since last Thursday and he told me that my print was the first one he has signed! So cool. I absolutely love how it looks framed in a {black gallery frame}. Here are some of the other {prints} he has available to purchase:

Get your own book or print {here}! xxoo.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blair's [BaubleBar] Picks

I am pretty sure my two favorite things just collided together! Did you see that {BaubleBar} has partnered with Blair Eadie from {Atlantic-Pacific}?? She has personally chosen her favorites to be featured in a BaubleBar + Atlantic-Pacific collection!! Oh my gosh, I love every single item!!! I've already chosen which pieces I am going to buy for Christmas gifts! Below are a few of my favorites from the new collection! PS. today is the LAST day to shop from {BaubleBar} and earn double points! :)

Browse the rest of the BaubleBar + Atlantic-Pacific Collection {here}.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Meg + Chris

I am so excited to share photos from the wedding we attended in Calistoga, California two weekends ago! The wedding was at the {Solage}, a beautiful and romantic setting right in the middle of wine country! It was absolutely perfect... loved that we were greeted with yummy champagne as we arrived, loved how the beautiful couple said their own vows to each other before sunset with the mountains as their background, and absolutely loved all of the little details Meg and Chris added as their own personal touch! :) 
Above: The ceremony. Perfect. Right? And her dress... one of her good friends who is a designer at Calvin Klein made it for her! Absolutely beautiful! Below: Meg and Chris are big dancers and the dancing lasted all night! Check out Meg's reception dress, Chris' dancing shoes and even Lulu (the dog) made an appearance! Happy times all around!
If you follow me on {instagram}, you saw some of their many fun details! It was like I was surrounded by pinterest the entire night! ;) The striped straws, drink flags, chalkboard signs, monograms, basket of dancing shoes and canvas totes for everyone are just a few!

Congratulations!!! :) xxoo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our SF Trip ♥

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! ...and Happy October! :) I didn't get to say that last week since I took the week off from my blog. It was the first time I have ever gone a whole week without scheduling some kind of post, but it was a much needed break from the computer. Wish I could say that I spent my time away doing fun things, but last week was completely consumed by work, work and more work! I guess that is what I get for taking a few days off to head out west! Our trip to San Francisco and Napa was absolutely fabulous and I was sad we had to leave! We spent two days in SF and two days in Napa mostly eating and sipping on wine, but also attending a wedding with some good friends! Below are some of my favorite snapshots from our trip... but check back on Wednesday for photos from Meg & Chris' amazing wedding in Napa (it's worth a separate blog post! :) xxoo.

Alejandro and I outside of Boon Fly Cafe in Napa
One of my favorite spots looking over the Golden Gate Bridge
Walking around the Marina and Pacific Heights. Loved showing him my old stomping grounds!
Welcome to Napa Valley
Merlots from Cakebread Cellars and Newton Vineyard
Looking over the Valley from Newton Vineyards (thanks for the recommendation av!)
1. Of course In-N-Out was our first (and last) stop of our trip! 2. The best macaroni and cheese from The Grove 3. Amazing baked blueberry pancake from French Blue (the cutest restaurant in the world) 4. Margarita flatbread from Boon Fly Cafe 5. Yes, that is bacon in my bloody mary!! 6. Lattes in beer mugs?! Totally normal!
I used to run the Lyon Street Stairs, but decided a photo opp was more appropriate for this trip! ;)
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