Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gwyneth Style

My vote for best dressed on the red carpet this past Sunday definitely goes to Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow!  She is the one woman who always looks absolutely stunning! I mean, not many people could pull off a full length cape on the red carpet - and still look sexy!  Love her flawless style!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Instagram: Burberry

One of my favorite things about instagram is following some of my favorite brands through their daily photos! It's a great way to follow trends, see what they are up to at their home office and during their travels, or to see fabulous runway photos like the images below!  I mean, seriously, how amazing are these photos from the Prorsum Show last week?!! I think it is brilliant that retailers are using instagram as another way to communicate with their customers!  Oh, and fun fact: Did you know that Burberry is the #1 retailer on instagram with the most followers?  Over 194,000 followers!  The #1 followed account (non-retailer) is Justin Bieber with 842,713 followers (crazzz-y)!! Which retailers/brands do you follow on instagram? 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday's Fancies: {Hollywood Glam}

I'm super excited it is Oscar weekend! I don't usually watch award shows (except for the Red Carpet pre-parties), but I always watch the Oscars!! Remember my {Red Carpet Inspiration} from last year?  I still love that dress... and that date I chose ;)!  But... this year my inspiration is a little bit more golden!  My favorite red carpet dress to date is and will most likely always be Michelle Williams' Vera Wang gown for the 2006 Oscars... and I love the mustard yellow I have seen on the runway - so I created a simple look - Oscar de la Renta silk tafetta gown with an amazing statement necklace!  Red lips of course...

Come to think of it.... who wouldn't want to wear a golden oscar de la renta gown?!  Seems just perfect for the occasion! ;)  And just in case you missed the nominees....

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sh*t Free People Girls Say

By now, you are probably aware of the YouTube phenomenon, "Sh*t Girls Say" - well the creative team at Free People (aka my co-workers) made an ahhhmazing version that pretty much sums up a day in the life of corporate retail - especially at the FP home office! Love it! :) Check out Free People's {blog} for fashion inspiration and a look into what is happening daily at the home office! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Printed Denim

Need to get my hands on some printed denim asap!  Just so overwhelmed with all of the options - floral, animal, tribal?!  What are your thoughts?  Are you wearing this fabulous trend yet?  PS. I totally rocked printed jeans in 3rd grade!! ;)  Have a great day!! xxoo.

all images {via}


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fashion Week Favorites

I know I am a little bit late on recapping my favorite looks from Fashion Week... but, it's still Feburary, so I am not too late, right?! Remember my {fashion week favorites} from last year?  Well, I loved the looks this year even more!! Although I haven't blogged about it yet, I have been obsessively looking at all of the photos from #NYFW!! My 'favorites' folder is out of control with all of the looks  and trends I'm loving for Fall 2012!  I'm not going to post all of them, so the trends below are the favorites of the favorites! :)  Who was your favorite designer this year?  What trend are you most looking forward to in Fall?

Looks from Rag & Bone, Jenny Packham, and 3.1 Phillip Lim

Looks from Rag & Bone

Looks from Karen Walker
Looks from J.Crew

Looks from DVF

Looks from Marchesa
And... is this a take on the world famous {San Francisco Bushman}???  What do you think?

Miguel Adrover
images {via}

Monday, February 20, 2012

Instagram: Reading Terminal Market

Happy Monday!  This weekend we had last minute visitors in Philly - Alejandro's family! We love having visitors because it forces us to explore our city.  This weekend we went to the Reading Terminal Market - a historic farmer's market that was oohhh, so yummy!  I actually can't believe it was my first time there!  We enjoyed exploring the different foods and the hustle and bustle of a multitude of diverse people!  And... the award winning pulled pork sandwiches - well, they weren't for me, but everyone else loved them!!! :)  Here are just a few of the photos from the maket (before my phone died)!

Also, I wanted to announce the winner of the Valentine' Day Giveaway!  Connie Kim is the lucky winner of the  Tibi Party Girls white iPhone case!  Congrats!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Fancies: {Let's Fly Away}

I love this week's theme for {Friday's Fancies} - Let's Fly Away to a dream destination!  While my dream destination is and always has been Paris, I thought I would dream about Punta Cana instead since I will be heading there in 2 weeks!!!  Ahh, can't believe it is finally here!  How amazing does the beach look??! Pretty amazing to me... especially since it is rainy and cold where I am right now!  Happy, Happy Friday!

Some fun beach editorials for a little inspiration....


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Instagram: Valentine's Day ♥

Two instagram posts in one week!! I had to - I wanted to share some photos from today because waiting until next Monday to share Valentine's Day photos would be just too late.  I had the best V-Day ever!  Oh, and Alejandro loved his Valentine's day email account - thank you for all of the sweet comments on my gift idea!!! :)  Hope your day was wonderful as well! xxoo.

Valentine's Day Giveaway: {Tibi iPhone Case}

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I am so excited for today because I am hosting a super cute giveaway from {Power Support USA}.  How chic is this Tibi iPhone 4 case?!  I love it... it's like a fashion show on the back of your phone! One lucky reader of a {little} dash of ash will receive the Tibi Party Girls White Case - just enter below for your chance to win! The giveaway will run all week and the winner will be announced on Sunday. Good luck!!  xxoo.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, February 13, 2012

Instagram: V-Day Week!

Happy Monday!  I'm super excited that it is Valentine's Day Week!  I've always loved this holiday - probably because when I was little I was spoiled with the cutest little gifts from my parents mom (pretty sure dad had nothing to do with the red and pink gifts at breakfast)! :) Also, one of my favorite childhood memories was receiving a love package from my Mama on Valentine's Day!  Her hand written notes on a red paper heart backed with a white lace doily would for sure be a hit on pinterest today!!  I secretly wish I recreated those handmade valentine's notes for Alejandro, but instead, I had another idea: one month ago, I set up a Google email account called Alejandro, My Valentine and have been emailing him notes every day to that account!  Tomorrow, I will give him the password and he will have a month of emails (short and sweet) waiting for him! :)  *Don't worry,  He doesn't know about my surprise - I told him he could not look at instagram or my blog until Tuesday... he was totally bummed ;) Ha!

Do you have any fun plans tomorrow evening?  We have decided to stay in for the night and order Chinese food and watch movies - sounds like a pretty perfect Tuesday evening to me! :)  Tomorrow morning I will be hosting a little Valentine's Day Giveaway on the blog!  A Tibi iPhone 4 Case c/o {Power Support} - Stop by for a chance to win!

I know you have all heard the sad news about Whitney Houston, but I am still kind of in shock! My first CD ever was a Whitney Houston CD and I will always remember sitting in my room listening to my boom box and singing along to her songs.... "I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody..."!  RIP! 

Instagram taken by my friend Meg in LA
And... I thought I would leave you guys with this quote today!  Love it!  Have a great week! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a Year... ♥

One year ago (yesterday) I started my blog!  I just re-read my {first post} and I think I've stuck with the goal of my blog pretty well... "a place for my photos and favorite things" ! :)  When I first started blogging, I had no idea where it would go... all I know is that I have stuck to one main principle - to be myself and to write like it was only for me!  I am overwhelmed by the amount of followers and daily comments and emails I receive from you all!  I continue to be amazed by the blogging community and the many friendships I have formed with bloggers who appreciate the same things I do!  It absolutely makes my day when I see a note from you or when someone links to me on twitter or facebook... and you all give me the inspiration to keep sharing with you!  In August, I started sharing a little bit more about my life personally through instagram photos and weekend recaps - I learned quickly that I needed to make this personal connection with my readers, but was still cautious about how much I shared!  However, I continue to receive emails weekly asking for more  information about me, my boyfriend, my job... etc!  I realized, just like many of the blogs I read daily, we have become a part of each others life... even if it is just for 2 minutes when browsing through google reader! ;)  So... below, you will find a little bit more about me, the girl behind a {little} dash of ash!  Hope you enjoy and thank you again for reading my blog! xxoo.

The Random Stuff:

My full name is Ashley Rebecca Gale. When I was born, a little girl told my grandma that I had 3 first names! :)  I am 29 (as of yesterday) and I am completely ok with the fact that it is the last year of my 20's - I truly believe my 30's will be the best years of my life!  My favorite color is green, which is also my eye color.  When I was five I always doodled hearts - I would lock myself in my bedroom just to draw thousands of hearts on construction paper.  I still doodle hearts.  I am secretly a hopeless romantic (not so secretly anymore).  My favorite cereal is lucky charms.  If I won the lottery, I would buy a loft in NYC and decorate it with my inspirations on {pinterest} so I would always have a beautiful place to visit.  My dream is to go to Paris (which will come true next year) and my favorite indulgence is a Wendy's Frosty.

How I got into Corporate Retail:

I get this question in my email more than any other one!  I went to Indiana University and changed my major to Apparel Merchandising my Sophomore year after going to a career seminar and listening to the recruiter from Macy's West talk about corporate retail and how to become a buyer!  I instantly knew that is what I wanted to do and literally stalked the recruiters at Macy's in San Francisco for an entire year before being offered an internship my junior year!  I fell in love with the buying job and moved out West to start my career.  I worked as a buyer in women's shoes (dream come true), men's sportswear and fragrance.  Three years later, I moved back to Ohio to work for A&F.  I switched over to merchandise planning at this time - which was similar to a buyer role at a department store, but with more of an emphasis on the financials of running a product category (which I love)!  At A&F, I worked on many different product categories including: intimates, swim, sleep and accessories.  After another three years, I moved to Philadelphia where I currently work for Free People - still in merchandise planning and still loving what I do after (almost) 7 years! :) 

The Boyfriend:

My favorite email ever was from a reader 5 months ago.  It said, "All of a sudden you just started talking about a guy named Alejandro on your blog - are you going to tell us how you met him?"  I thought about this for awhile now and part of me didn't want to share too much info about him (us), but part of me wants to tell you the best story of my life! So.... a couple weeks after moving to Philadelphia (7 months ago), I was walking to get some food and as I crossed the street, I saw this guy and thought, "wow, he is really cute" - (but really, that is irrelevant because I would never stop a random guy and be like, "hey, you are cute, want to hang out" ;)!! As we passed each other, his ID fell out of his pocket. I tried turning around to tell him, but he was too quick and the light was turning green so I had to get out of the crosswalk. I didn't pick up the ID and went on my way to eat (since I was absolutely starving)!! After ordering my food and sitting down to eat... there was this crazy voice screaming at me to go get his ID from the crosswalk! So... I left the restaurant (and my food on the table), waited for traffic to stop, and got his ID. I ended up sending him a message on facebook and asked him if he wanted me to send it back to him... not really thinking I would ever see him again!! But, he messaged me back the next day and asked if I wanted to meet at Starbucks (he didn't know yet... but lattes are pretty much the way to my heart ;)!! The day that I ended up meeting him at Starbucks, I parked in 20 minute parking because I really thought I was just going to run in and hand him his ID... potentially get a coffee as well (all of which can be done in less than 20 minutes!) Nope... we ended up sitting down and having one of the best conversations I have ever had! I think we were there for over an hour and already had trips to London and Peru planned together! ;) He instantly became the most interesting person in the world and someone I knew I could have a lot of fun with.... So, I think I asked him out to dinner?! Or maybe he asked me? Can't remember... but either way - first date scheduled before we left Starbucks... which made the $93 parking ticket I received for staying past my 20 minutes a little more enjoyable! :)  And... I still think he is the greatest guy I have ever met in my life! :) 

Social Media Explained

I just saw this on Facebook and laughed out loud (literally)!  My favorite... instagram (of course) and the Google + description since it's kind of true - only Google employees use it!  Hope you get a laugh as well! 

via Doug Ray @ThreeShipsMedia

Monday, February 6, 2012

Instagram: Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday to Me!!! One of my favorite holidays ever! :)  Even if it is the last year of my 20's... I still love it! Sorry that I did not have the instagram link up ready to go at midnight last night - I had just got home from an ahhh-mazing weekend in NYC and my pillow won the battle over my desk chair ;) !  But... I am up now (literally, just got out of bed) and I'm ready to start my day (off from work) - right after I share a few photos from the weekend with you...

When we first arrived in NYC, Alejandro asked me where I wanted to have lunch just as we were passing Burgers and Cupcakes - I said, "I think I'll like this place"!  And... I did!  That night we went out and I finally got to wear my taxi mittens I got for Christmas!  Remember when I was loving them {here} and {here}?!  On Sunday we met up with {Kristin} for brunch and she gave me these cute vintage dishes I was loving  at {Fishs Eddy}.  I saw them at the store when I visited her in November... great memory lady!  And, to top off a great trip, I finally got the {David Yurman} ring I have been lusting over for years... upon years!  A special birthday gift to myself! 

I had the best birthday weekend thanks to my wonderful boyfriend!  Not only did he plan the trip, he was extra amazing when we spent the entire first day shopping in Soho! He also got me tickets to the play Chicago for my birthday (loved) and then took me to my most favorite {restaurant} in the city the world for dinner and drinks!  Thank you! Thank you! I love you.

Can't wait to see your photos from the weekend too!  Did you do anything special this weekend? Any fun Super Bowl parties?  Hope you had a great weekend too!! xxoo.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just Saying...

I am not quite sure who David Allen is (ok, now I do, because I just googled him)... but he stole my father's quote!!!  Or... maybe, my father stole his quote - but either way, my dad has been telling me this since I was little!  So true! :)

Guest Post: {A Creative Day}

Hi lovely readers! I was thrilled when sweet Ashley asked me to come over to her lovely blog today! A {little} dash of ash has been one of my favorite blogs for a while now, and I'm so glad we are blogging friends :-) I'm Eileen from A Creative Day, where I ramble on about whatever strikes my fancy, but mainly interior design and fashion. I work for an interior designer now but my degree is in Architecture, so I'm totally a design nerd :-)  I'm so excited to look forward to spring and can't wait for the warmer weather, but I love that winter is time to time to curl up with a good book and hot tea, cuddle by the fire with your honey, and enjoy time together warm inside. I've found myself drawn to deep moody spaces this winter, full of drama and warmth. Wouldn't any of these be the perfect spot to hibernate?

Jenna Lyons bedroom. Everyone's Fav!
Spotted on sadie and stella, I'm obsessed.
 Gloss navy walls. Perfection.
 my dream foyer design
Blue velvet couch. Need I say more?
What about you, lovely readers?
Are you over winter and ready for summer, or are you still enjoying the time to cuddle by the fire?

Thanks so much  for having me over Ashley, its been so fun to create a little post for you!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Perfect Valentine

It is no secret that I absolutely love cards, stationary and all (super cute) paper products!  I have saved every card I have ever received and Paper Source is hands down my favorite store ever.  Oh, and I am that girl who saves everything from all of the wedding I have attended - down to personalized cocktail napkins (unused of course ;) My mom is very aware that when I get married one day my "paper" (aka invites, programs, etc) budget will far exceed any other category (ha)! So... when I came across these little gems at {sugar paper}  - there was no hiding my giddiness!  Love.

Dotted .

I can't believe it is already February!! Almost spring... according to the fact that I left work last night and it was still light out (for like 10 minutes, but still! ;)  I am inspired this week by polka dots!  Actually... just bought {this} dress last night... which is what inspired me!  And... that quote, love.  Have a great Wednesday! T-minus 2 days until I'm in NYC celebrating my birthday! SO... I'm pmped! xxoo.

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