Monday, October 31, 2011

Instagram: Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!! :) Even though halloween was much more fun as a child... I still secretly kind of love the holiday!  Usually I celebrate for a couple nights (in costume of course)... but this year was a little more low key!  I did dress up last Thursday night for a party... as a pirate!  But on Friday I decided to stay in for the night with my boy, some mummy dogs (see below) and scary movies (much warmer choice)!  However, Saturday night we braved the cold (and snow/rain) and went out for pizzas and beers...  as we pub hopped, we got to costume watch!  Most popular costumes in Philly... for sure Waldo, Pee Wee Herman, Mario (and friends), and Willy Wonka!  Hope your Halloween weekend was fun as well!!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Style in Seven

Hi Friends! Happy Friday!! Just in case you missed my guest post over at {Bijou and Boheme} this week, I thought I would share with you my 7 style staples!  My 7 styles are all interchangeable between fashion and decor and tend to be on the classic side with a few pops of surprises! Hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!!! xxoo.

Stripes - This simple pattern is a staple in my wardrobe and home decor!  Stripes are so classic, they just seem to fit so naturally - and they work off all kinds of other patterns - especially florals (another favorite pattern of mine)!  Oh, and if you didn't notice, I'm a sucker for black and white stripes!

Cozy  - with fall already in full swing and winter slowly approaching, cozy is a must have in my life! From an oversized sweater, to thick wool socks, and an intimate spot in your home with a lot of pillows and texture - there is nothing like being warm in cozy during the colder weather! 

Navy - A classic color that can pop any outfit or room!  I love the simplicity of navy and how it never looks as harsh as black! This simple color can 'ground' anything and works with every color imaginable!! I don't know what it is... but I always have to have it if it is cute and navy!

Lace - Pure perfection!  I love the lace trend out there right now and the girl-y detail it adds to any outfit!  My absolute favorite love right now... lace shorts :)

Jewels - Jewelry is the perfect accessory to any outfit!  I never leave home without something around my wrist and a some sort of statement ring(s)!

Details - It's all about the details with me - always!  From little accents in my home decor to the perfect adornment on a present!  I say it best with small, unique details.

A Touch of Girl - I have a few different styles... but no matter what I always add a hint of girl! :) It's usually the final touch...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thank you!

Hi Blog Friends!  I didn't have time last night to put together a post because I was prepping for a big meeting at work today... however, I wanted to say thank you so much for reading my blog daily!  And... to my new followers (20+ just this week)... I hope you enjoy reading my blog!!  You guys put a huge smile on my face yesterday when I saw that my blog was viewed over 3,500 times in one day!  That is definitely the most in one day for a {little} dash of ash!!  So again...

And, on a completely random note - I laughed out loud when I saw this... because I seriously thought I was the only one!! I feel completely naked if I don't have a rubber band around my wrist  [at all times] - even if my hair is in a ponytail! :)  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Santa... Just Sayin'

I've been a really good girl this year and since I learned to cook... I think I shall receive my very own custom kitchen aid mixer courtesy of {Un Amore Custom Designs}.  I've only been talking about a pretty kitchen aid mixer for 5 years (even blogged about this {beauty} back in february) and you told me that once I learned to cook you would allow me to add it to my list... well, the day has come! :)  I know you reached out to me via email just yesterday telling me that my Christmas wish list is getting pretty pricey.... but don't forget, I don't have a brand new husband or a dog (that is treated like a grandchild) that you need to buy for this year ;)  Just kidding.  But seriously... how cool are these?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Post: {Style Me Swanky}

Hi Friends!  Let me introduce you to Megan from {Style Me Swanky}!  I found Megan's blog a month or so ago and instantly fell in love with her inspiration... she has amazing taste!  You might know her previously as "My Two Cents....(before I spend it)" - but she recently did a blog revamp and changed her name to "Style Me Swanky"!  What does Swanky mean?  You will have to hop on over to her {blog} to see for yourself :)  xxoo! - ashley
Hello dolls! 
It's Megan from Style Me Swanky.

 Ashley is so sweet to have me for a visit today.
She left the floor open for me to pick whatever I'd like to discuss. After much contemplation, I've decided to throw out a plan & just see where it goes.
First of all, I'm a born & bred South Carolinian - currently living in this gorgeous place:

Charleston, SC
 If I had to pick one word to describe this historic city, it would be "charming."  If you've visited (or live here!), then you're probably familiar with the cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages, small shops, the skyline full of church steeples, beautiful water views, award-winning restaurants ...okay, I could go on all day! I went to the College of Charleston & stuck around after graduation to work for the Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital.  We plan fundraisers & get to see our efforts thrive -so amazing!
My heart belongs to this guy.

He was my first boyfriend.  
Found him when I was in 8th grade.  
Actually, he told me I had nice legs when I was in sixth grade.  Needless to say, this little modest girl would have nothing to do with him after that comment until a couple years later. Guess he got me with his "charm" again. We've dated ever since! 
Okay... time to quit the chit-chat. Let's cut to the chase.
Today, I'm going to talk about some of my favorite fashion/beauty items for fall.  
I know there has been buzz all over different blogs about fall fashion and it can get a bit repetitive. Still...I have to share because these are the items that absolutely get my engine revving!

#1. faux fur. 
Honestly, I never got into the fur trend last year.  I tried to find a faux fur vest, but it was just not working.  This year is a different story.
I've been lucky enough to find a faux fur vest & a jacket at Saks Off Fifth --both amaze!
I love the way these ladies have styled their faux fur pieces.

images here and here
#2.  a red lip.

images via, $7
A red lip is something else that I never loved until the past year or so.  This year, I'm gaga over it!  
I just purchased L'Oreal Refined Ruby & I must say, it's perfect!  
Talk about a lip color that doesn't budge & is the perfect not-too-blue/not-too-orange shade.  

#3.  baubles.
 Bring on the accessories!  Chunky rings, chunky bracelets, chunky necklaces, heck-
I want everything to be chunky except for my thighs!
(and well, my waist & hips & arms -you get the picture).

images via
I love this chunky bracelet by M+J Savitt,18k gold plated.
Was $210, now $129.

#4.  yellow  mustard yellow.

images via
I'm craving mustard yellow pieces.  

Like this sweater, which has a bit of neon to it.
As mah girl, Rachel Zoe, would say's everything.  

#5.  cat eye sunnies.
  I'm absolutely obsessed.

I purchased these Prada cay eye shades a bit over a month ago...
(Prada SPR24N)
I haven't reached for any other pairs but these!  
This style is absolutely back for fall 2011.
I have a feeling that they will be sticking around for a while, too.

#6.  bright colors. 
I'm dying over pops of color like these...

images via
So there you have it ...the trends that excite me this fall/winter!
It was just lovely to meet you all!  

Please come visit me at Style Me Swanky!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Instagram: BYO-Tequila

Hi Friends!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I had a pretty low key two days that was mostly spent missing my family and friends back in the midwest... But, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the amazing company I had on Saturday night when Alejandro and I went out for mexican food and margaritas!!  Oh, and by margaritas, I mean BYO-Tequila and just order a yummy mix (we chose blood-orange)!

Sorry Amanda, I know that the only approved Tequila in your book is Patron... but I'm on a budget (I'd rather spend money on clothes)!  And... the unsalted glass is Alejandro's - he'll learn quickly to love salt (I give it a year and a half ;)

Oh... and I know this post is supposed to be about instagrams... but I am kind of obsessed with another iPhone feature right now too - Siri!  I don't have her yet... decided not to get the 4s and wait until the iPhone 5 comes out next summer, however, I may or may not be addicted to the blog {sh*t that siri says}!  I'm sure this blog will be short lived... but it's kind of funny for now!  My favorite so far....  is the one below.... so true, and LOVE that Siri is a beatles fan!! ;) xxoo.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Style in Seven: {Bijou and Boheme}

Happy Sunday!  Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers - Christine from {Bijou and Boheme}!!  Christine has a great series on her blog called "Style in Seven" where different bloggers describe their style in 7 adjectives... and make pretty inspiration boards to go along with them! And today, we have swapped blogs with each other to share our different styles! Check out Christine's 'picture party' below, then hop on over to her {blog} to see mine too!

Hi's Christine here from Bijou and Boheme and I'm quite excited to be visiting with my Style in 7.  It was Ashely's brilliant idea to do a little blog switcheroo today, so make sure you pop over and read her amazing post on my blog...tres fantastique! As for mine, I hope you enjoy. It's basically a picture party of the 7 things I feel best represent my aesthetic...if I had been allowed a few more choices, I would have thrown in wallpaper and whimsy into the mix but alas, thanks to my own rules, I had to just focus on 7.  So here you go...take all of these things, wrap them up with a bow and you pretty much have a room a la B&B...

  1. Pink
There's not much to elaborate on here. I simply ADORE pink...I love how it's feminine but has a distinct air of strength to it. Daring in its girliness.
Pretty and punchy...perfection in a colour if you ask me.

2. Art
If I was a bazillionaire, I would spend all my riches on artwork.
To me, nothing is more compelling/beautiful than a great piece of art...and as such, no room is complete without well adored walls....and PS, that means no mass produced canvas prints, thank you very much. My taste runs a pretty wide gamut...I adore fashion illustration and modern abstracts but also find antique portraits and landscapes rather enchanting.

3. French
There's something about the interplay of history and femininity that I love about the French aesthetic. It's just so darn pretty. I love when a little French is mixed with some more modern touches so that the girliness of it all isn't too overpowering.Truth be told though, an antique bergere will always win over an Eames chair with this girl.

4. Gold
Rich and lux, I just heart gold....and brass...and bronze...anything with this decadent hue. To me, gold is the most glamourous and feminine of metals so it's undoubtedly my favourite. I'm of the mind that pretty much everything looks better with a touch of glitzy gold beside it.

5. Leopard
Roar. Leopard rocks...simple as that.
It's the grande dam of animal prints and looks good with every thing. Leopard performs as a dynamic neutral and makes any space/ensemble infinitely more glamourous. I will never ever tire of evidence by the fact that I have approx. 7 cushions, 2 coats, a handful of scarves, 2 blouses, 1 dress, 1 pair of boots and a car seat in this print...yes...I'm a bit of a leopardaholic but I make no apologies for love for this print runs deep.

 6. Glamour
What's not to love about this one?
I'm not sure why anyone would want to be/dress/decorate in anything less...a little girly sparkle/shimmer/crystal/metal/feathered/encrusted/gilded pretty is 100% essential to happiness... I'm convinced of it.

7. Fur
Last by certainly not least, there's fur. This one goes along with #6...glamour always wins for me and you can't have that without a little 
furry goodness.I'm of the mind that most rooms could benefit from a fur throw or pillow (or 5)...same goes for a closet.  And PS, vintage or faux is best.
{all photos via here or here}

So there you have 7 style essentials.
Very much hope I did my own series some justice.
And a giant thank you to Ashley for having me today...such a treat.

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