Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hi Blog Friends!  I'm off to London!! I can't believe my trip is finally here... I feel like it was forever ago that my bff Meagan emailed me hotel reservations... completely out of the blue and told me to book a flight asap!  Yes, it was one of the best surprise emails to ever pop up in my inbox!  Normally I would have blog posts scheduled while I am gone... but I have been completely checked out!  Sorry!!  So... I will see you next week!! :) And to my instragram ladies... I will definitely post on Sunday night from London, so Instagram Monday is still on!!!  Can't wait to tell you about my trip next week! xxoo!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinterest ♥

Hi! Every night before I go to bed I have the same routine... check twitter, check facebook, check pinterest, check instagram, and then check twitter again (just in case something big happened in the 10 minutes it took me to check my other addictions)!  I realized how bad my obsession with social media was when I called AT&T last night to get an international data plan.  They asked me how much data I needed for the 5 days I will be in London and I said... "enough to allow me to check instagram, facebook and twitter daily"!  Dead serious they responded with, "oh, you are one of those..." and convinced me I needed the biggest data plan they had available! ha :)  Anyway, here are some photos I've bookmarked from {pinterest} lately!  They are a little random... but all things I am loving lately! Enjoy!

a red desk with classic chevron accents
a perfect place setting
funfetti cinnamon rolls
this photo shoot idea
statement jewelry
the streets of paris
all images {via}

Monday, August 29, 2011

Instagram: Hurricane Weekend

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and survived all of the crazy things happening on the East Coast!  First... an earthquake, then a hurricane - it was definitely an interesting week!  Well, I was hoping to have some fabulous instagrams from my weekend at the shore... but Ms. Irene ruined that trip! However... something else kind of big and earth shattering happened this weekend - I cooked two nights in a row!  Yup... can, you believe it!??  And... even better, I enjoyed cooking and the food actually tasted pretty fabulous!  I have someone who can vouch for it!! :)  Friday night I made a shrimp pasta and then on Saturday {we} made stuffed peppers! Yummm! 

So... Irene was a little less than expected, but she was still pretty strong as she came by Philadelphia!  Most of the city was shutdown on Sunday... including Starbucks!!  Ahhh... but Old City Coffee saved the day by being open... ohh, and their coffee and muffins were just wonderful, so this might be my new coffee shoppe!  :)  All in all.... I had a wonderful weekend full of food, drinks and good company! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guest Post: From Green Jeans to Green Interiors

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for {Arcadian Lighting Blog}, a must-shop resource for beautiful {light fixtures}. Susi wrote an article inspired by my new favorite pair of green jeans: “From Green Jeans to Green Interiors”. Taking a cue from the saturated kelly green of the jeans, she found 8 interiors to inspire us. From modern Emerald City inspired lounges to a grass green sofa to covet, this post is a celebration of the glorious color green. Enjoy! 

Green Interior Design
Pinterest via

Ok, this looks more like a modern Emerald City than a pair of green jeans but we love the green upholstered vintage Platner chairs and Capiz shell chandeliers. 

Green Interior Design
Bijou and Boheme via

We love the mix of greens in this living room. Kelly green, black and white are a classic combination. 

Green Interior Design
Sweet Home Style via

Green painted furniture is fantastic but green painted built-in bookshelves are very bold. Like green jeans, it takes a certain girl to pull off this look! 

Green Interior Design
Simplified Bee via

This sofa is fabulous in rich grass green velvet. We're very aware of the lighting fixtures in this room being beautifully out of the ordinary. It is from the home of Lauren Liess. 

Pinterest via

Like the outfit that inspired this post, bold green looks gorgeous when paired with cream and girly patterns like lace or florals. Love the wallpaper and chic ceiling light

Green Interior Design
Simplified Bee via

Jonathan Adler designed this living room. Love the happy green sofas paired with all the warm beiges and golds. 

The Decorologist via

These greens might be more limey than the green jeans but we still love the combination with different shades of blue, especially the deep blue in the lamps. Kelly green, like the jeans, would work just as well in this room. 

Green Interior Design
Apartment Therapy via

Apartment Therapy calls green the color of spring and envy. This living room’s spring green wall certainly makes us envious. Paired with creams and golds, like Ashley’s outfit, it is a happy, cheerful space. Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality light fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

"Arcadian Lighting is the best source for lighting fixtures and accessories at discount prices. 
Arcadian Lighting has been in the lighting industry for over 15 years selling decorative home lighting fixtures 
and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog Swap: What's in our Bag!

When Ashley invited me to do a guest post at a {little} dash of ash, I was elated!  Don't you just adore her blog? Currently she is over at my little "home", The Short and the Sweet of It, blogging about what's hidden in her handbag. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the topic of the post, being that my purse is usually ridden with receipts and old gum.  *In fact, when I picked up my bag, I noticed a huge stain on the bottom of it.  From what?  I have no idea.  But, onto the goodies.

1. Yup that's Sophie the French Giraffe.  Or as we call her in our house: Mona.  It's my daughter's favorite teething toy.  And though it usually lives in her diaper bag, it somehow migrated to mom's purse.  Note: this is embarrassing when you pull it out at a fancy dinner, whilst searching for your wallet. 

2. My keys. Frankly, this was an unusual find, as I usually have no clue where they are.

3. Several pens, most of them out of ink.  But seriously, I am always jotting things down.  They are a necessity.

4. Body spray.  Workout at the gym.  Hectic day of holding and entertaining the baby and no time to shower before dinner? Viola!

5. A mirror. I actually don't know why this is in there. I never use it, and if I did, I probably would be horrified. See number 4!

6. My lips are always dry.  I love Alba lip balm, this is passion fruit, and I just pretend I am in the Hawaiian Islands.

7. Hand sanitizer. A must. Especially when there is spit-up or mashed up peas involved.

8. An old grocery list.  There is absolutely no reason why this is in there; I just always manage to have on in my purse at all times.  The key is finding the perfect one.

9. My coin purse from Anthropologie.  Because I love it and it makes me feel cute. 

10. My cell phone. Duh. Although this also usually falls victim to the way of the keys.

11. Sunscreen.  I am pale and freckly, what can I say? And even though it says, "baby" this one is indeed my own, mostly because I can't find our grownup brand.  Are you noticing a trend here?

12. My wallet (which I got from Target and love).

*As it turns out, I was still ridden with receipts and old gum, I just edited them out of the post.  I didn't think you needed a visual of those.

If you are curious, my purse is from Anthropologie, a gift from my sweet husband!

So there you have it darlings.  That's just a little glimpse into my world and I do hope you'll visit me sometime at The Short and the Sweet of It.  Thank you so much Ashley for having me over!  Xo Alexa

**Check out her {blog} to see what's in my bag! - Ash

Monday, August 22, 2011

Instagram: NYC

Hi Friends!  Happy Monday and Happy Instagram Day!  I'm back to share a few more photos with you from my iPhone as well as browse the photos you link up below!  I had a great time in NYC visiting Kristin... and my favorite instagrams this week came from Sunday morning when I woke up!  Check out the view of her parent's Manhattan apartment (they don't know this yet, but we are future roomies)!  Then Kristin made her famous {avacado toast} and we enjoyed it on the roof deck looking over the city!  Oh... and I started playing with the tilt shift feature on instagram (used in the second photo below), so my future mobile uploads might become a little fancier! xxoo.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Weekend & Link Love

Happy Weekend!  I can't believe this week is over - it went so fast!  I guess that is sometimes a good thing though!  Work was a little crazy this week so I am treating myself to a little getaway!  I'm off to Manhattan for 24 hours to play in the city with Kristin from {Ten Scenic Drive}! I am super excited because I haven't seen her since I moved from Ohio!  I am actually in route... blogging from the Bolt Bus - which is  making the trip go fast!! I bet there will be some instragramed NYC photos on the blog on Monday, so check back and link up your favorite(s) from the week/end as well! Have a fabulous weekend and hope you enjoy the links below as much as I did! xxoo

I know I mentioned them last week but I couldn't image not giving them another shout out because I am so excited to receive my new {bar cart} from {Social Society}!  Oh... and I also learned that I was their first purchase!  Best tweet ever :)

Also, remember that lovely necklace below that is on my wishlist?  I learned that it is made by Noir!  While browsing their website I also fell in love with this {necklace}!  Ok, I think it is just time to admit that I have a huge obsession with trend jewelry!

I adore envelope clutches, so I loved finding this {DIY tutorial} on pinterest!  Maybe I will get crafty next week!

Everyone knows that Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is my style icon and I have a huge crush on her wardrobe, but especially loved her {tom boy} outfit this week!

It's all about the details... and how amazing are these {outfit details}??!

And... especially loving this braid below!

If you missed....

My {instagram linkup} this week... check back on Monday to link up your own mobile uploads!

My guest post at {Daily Crush} - I am really excited for fall and my favorite fashion trend I am looking forward to is sweater dressing!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

I think I email my mom links of things on my ever-changing "wishlist" - it's almost as if there were more holidays in the year than two (and yes, I am counting my birthday as a holiday)!  It was a standing joke when I was little that I could not give my "wishlist" to my mom until October (for Christmas) or January (for my birthday) because if that rule was not set in stone, I would be handing her a new list 365 days a year!  Even before blogs and pinterest - I always found a way to find cute new "stuff" to adore!!  Well, somehow that rule kind of disappeared, and I have officially sent her enough items to last me through my 50th birthday (potentially more...)!! Since I'm over quota on the email links, I thought I would just start putting some wishlist items on my blog instead... You know, just in case she potentially loses access to her email, or wants to surprise me with unexpected mail ;)  Maybe?  Don't worry... she knows that these are hints and I am sure she is 100% ignoring me right now! But... how fabulous is this necklace :)  LOVE.  Anyone know where I (my mom) can find it??!! ;)  xxoo!

images {via}

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Jess LC

I was so excited to get to chat with Jess from {Jess LC}, a Chicago based designer who runs a successful business that she started when she was 15 years old!  I love Jess' {story} because she is passionate, dedicated and a hard worker - 3 traits that make any woman stand out! :)  But... I also love, love, love her products!  She is known for her jewelry collection as well as her chic handbag line - the Lake Shore Collection!  I think every woman I know is going to receive her {Lake Shore Clutch} as a Christmas present this year!  Oh, and this {necklace} is one of my favorites, I wear it often :)  Since you can read all about how she started her business on her website, I thought it would be fun to ask Jess some personal questions.... check them out below and then hop on over to her {blog} or {online flagship store} for more browsing!  Thanks Jess for allowing me to feature you today!

images via Jess LC {Lake Shore Lookbook}
{1} What is your favorite item from your line? 

Hm, I think my favorite item is the Lake Shore Tote. However... I do wear the crossbody just as much, if not more often.

{2} What are you inspired by? 

I am usually most inspired by interior trends and applying them to my designs. Since I love decor more than any other hobby (besides bag collecting), it is easy to get ideas from furniture or home photos. But, once I have my inspiration, I then go about making sure that there is a lot of flexibility with my pieces so they can be worn multiple ways, or with most items in my closet. I'm all about intentional design. 

{3} What was your biggest "wow" moment during your career so far? 

Great question! I remember our first Daily Candy feature a few years back being a huge milestone for me. I had wanted to be on their site for years as I developed my brand and after 9 years or so, it finally happened! Needless to say, it was a great email to get. I now have it framed in my home. 

{4} Is there is anything in the future at Jess LC that we should keep our eyes out for? 

Yep! There are four new collections coming out this fall in brand new areas we haven't touched before. I can't say too much, but I can say the collection names will be Quincey, Webster, Grand, and Randolph - we name our collections after Chicago streets. 

{5} What is in your bag? 

Since it's the summer, my bag doesn't carry much. Right now it has a hot pink reusable grocery bag, a pen, my gold leather coin purse from an upcoming collection, and my smart phone. Oh, and I keep a Neutrogena lip balm in there as well.

Monday, August 15, 2011

You can find me at {Daily Crush}

Hi Friends... Hop on over to {Daily Crush} to see her Fall Fashion Forecast Series. Today I am posting about the number one trend on my fall shopping list - Sweater Dressing! So excited for Fall... it's right around the corner!  Thanks for having me Katie! xo.

all images found via {pinterest}

Instagram: Pretty Drinks

I am so excited to host my first blog LinkUp... and what better way to do that than to have an Instagram LinkUp!  I know I don't have to express my love for instagram anymore, so all I am going to say is that I am soooo excited to see your photos!  Oh, and if you didn't get a chance to link up this week, I have a feeling I am going to continue this "party" every Monday!  So stop back next week - It's easy... just blog your favorite photo(s) from the past week and then hop on over to link your blog and browse other photos! 

This week my favorite instagram'd photo is the one above!  I bought my new favorite necklace last week and have already worn it 3 times (which is a lot for such a statement piece), so I thought I would take a photo to share with you (I love it that much!)!!!  But... I noticed this week when I was going through all my instgram'd photos that I love taking photos of drinks... here is what I have been drinking lately!  Yum!

I have to share another photo that I absolutely love... but it was not taken by me.  My friend Natalie took this gorgeous photo at her friend's wedding!  How adorable is it?  Perfection!

{LinkUp Below} 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!  So far... it has already been fantastic, but now I am going to make myself do some work and catch up on the new job a little bit!  I am really excited for this week on my blog though... come back on Monday to link up your favorite instragram photos from this past week, then check back for some fall fashion, a couple guest posts and more daily inspiration!  xxoo.

Fabulous K started a new series called Girl Faulous and I loved learning more about one of my favorite Bloggers, Bradley from Luella and June {here}!

These {mini milkshake shooters} are to so adorable and just perfect!  I want to have a party tomorrow just so I can serve them!

I found a local Philadelphia fashion blogger and I am loving here style and braid {here}!

Rachel never fails to find the perfect home office for her Wednesday Worskspace Series.  This crisp white with blue accents is ahhh-mazing!  Check it out {here}!

and last but not least.... I found my new Bar Cart!  How perfect is she (below)! I would also like to get the red chair to go beside it... I would decorate it the exact same way, Louie and all ;) I can't wait for {Society Social} to launch next week!

Society Social

Friday, August 12, 2011

Instagram Link-up on Monday

Hey Blogger Friends!!  After spending another unproductive hour browsing people's instagram photos, I thought it would be fun if we linked up our favorite photos together!! If you follow my blog you know I love taking photos and I absolutely love the instagram app! But even more so... I could browse your photos!!! :) So I thought this coming Monday (8/15) I would host a link-up to your favorite instagramed photos from the previous week{end}.  Hope you guys will join in! And... hey, if it turns out to be successful, maybe we can do it weekly! I would love to have a chance to see even more photos than I already browse! :) I'll have the post ready to go at midnight, but feel free to link up whenever! If you don't use instagram, download it now - it's the BEST.ever.!!! And... If you don't have an iPhone (my blackberry/android friends), feel free to participate, just post your favorite photo from the previous week!! All are welcome to join!! I can't wait to see your instagrams!

PS. I know most of you bloggers know how to link-up... but if you're new - it's so easy! All you have to do is post your favorite instragram (or photo) on your blog (doesn't have to be an elaborate post since photos speak for themselves) then hop on over to my blog and link your post up and browse the other links! I will have a link tool all set up, so it will be a piece of cake (ohhh, cake, that sounds yummy)!  See you on Monday!  xxoo!

Friday's Fancies: {Seeing Red}

This week's Friday's fancies is inspired by outfits and decor that have red on the bottom and white on the top!  Such a fresh, fun twist on a classic color combination!  I think the inspiration board speaks for itself... love all the looks!  Hope you like my outfits this week! :)  I created one for drinks at a cute byob restaurant and one for walking around exploring my new neighborhood in Philly (both of which I hope to accomplish this weekend)! Hop on over to {long distance loving} for more Friday fashion!  Have a great weekend!!  If you are on the computer tomorrow, check back for some Saturday link love!

all images via {pinterest}

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moving On... Moving Wide!

The President of Free People couldn't have said it better when she said, "it takes awhile for people to change their pant shape... it took 3 years to get everyone to buy skinnies..."  That statement is so true!  I remember years ago when skinny jeans first came out (I was still wearing my flare and boot cut seven jeans)... and said, "I don't think I will ever wear those!"  Well, every pant I own in my closet right now is some form of extreme skinny... until NOW!  I am ready to move on... I'm ready to go bigger... I'm ready for Wide Leg Pants! Are you on board yet?  Or will you be wearing your skinnies for another year or two?  I love these looks below... the perfect transformation into fall! :)

all images found {via}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London in 3 Weeks!

I am so excited because in 3 weeks I am heading to London with two of my girlfriends for a quick trip of eating, shopping and sightseeing!  I have never been before so I can't wait to get a little taste of the British life! We've kind of put together a little rough itinerary, but I need your help finalizing it!  I am taking all recommendation on the best restaurants, pubs and little shops that we don't want to miss out on!  Ahhh.... sooo excited!  Just hope those riots over there don't ruin all the fun!!  xxoo :) 

image {via}
Day 1
Buckingham Palace
Changing of the Guards
Prime Meridian
Oxford Street Shopping
Savile Road
Dinner / Wine Bar

Day 2
Shopping at Harrods
High Tea at Lanesbourough
'We Will Rock You' Play
Drinks after the play

Day 3
Amazing Brunch Place
Portobello Road Flea Market
Maida Ville
Abbey Road
Early evening Beer Garden or Pub
Late night out!

Day 4
The London Bridge
Big Ben
The London Eye at Sunset

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I ♥ My Camera...

...and so do these ladies!  I absolutely love taking photos... personally and professionally!  I always have my camera on me... (well sometimes I just rely on my iphone) but I never want to miss that perfect shot! Not only do I love taking photos, I love browsing through photos!  That is why I spend countless hours browsing {pinterest} and instagram!  These photos below make me smile because they remind me of me and how much I love my camera!

all images found via {pinterest}
Aren't these photos just fabulous! :)  But... I also need your help!  I found this camera strap at {union} a few months ago and it is no where to be found now!  Does anyone know where I can get something similar to this?  I love, love, love!!! :)   Let me know!  xxoo

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy 6 Months!

Hi Friends! :)  First, I am so sorry that I was the worst blogger ever last week!  It was just a crazy week that got away from me!  However, I realized this weekend that it was my 6 month blog anniversary!  I can't believe it!  It has been so fun blogging each week and I have met so many great blog friends!  And... I am at over 300 followers now - thank you, thank you for reading daily!!!  So...  you might have noticed a change when you hopped over to my blog!  Yes, that is right, I decided to change things up a little bit!  Say goodbye to my old header (for now):

...because Kelly, from {Fabulous K Creative} created this fun new header for me!  She even painted the banner with water colors herself!  I've been so inspired by water colors and love everything black and white, so why not combine the two to get....

images above via {pinterest}
I hope you like the new look!  And... I promise I will try to stay a little bit more on top of the blogging! Hope you have a great week!  I will because Bachelor Pad starts tomorrow! Ha! .... xxoo!

Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Day Shred

If you know me.... you are probably not even reading this blog post after seeing the title since I have seriously started a "diet" every single Monday since I can remember! Even though I have no credibility what so ever...!  I am not going to say I'm fat, because I'm not... but I definitely need, ok really want to lose these awful 10 pounds I can not seem to ever get rid of! The funny thing is... it actually would be so easy for me to lose them if I learned to cook and didn't eat out every single meal!  Yup, that is right, every single meal [for the past 6 years]!  Oh, and for some reason I also think it is 100% appropriate to eat dessert after every single meal!  That's like 5 desserts a day! So below is my motivation...  I should some how make this a static post at the top of my blog to remind me daily to just spend a few minutes a day thinking about what I am eating!  They say... "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"!  We'll see about that!  I'll let you know my results in 30 days!  Oh, PS. Jillian Micheals is going to be my new bff for every day of August! 

But... really its the eating I need to change, not the working out!  Even though new abs and skinnier arms would definitely be a plus!  If anyone has any words of inspiration, I would love to hear :)  I really need to know quick, healthy snacks... because 3 cupcakes a day is going to catch up real fast! ;) xxoo!

All images found via {pinterest}
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