Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Facebook Love ♥

Sorry I don't have a "real" post today!  It was a busy weekend and last night I ended up going to see 'Hangover 2' instead of coming home to blog for the week! ....but I did create a facebook page for my blog this weekend and I was hoping you guys could "like" my page :)  I will post my blog updates as well as some other fun things I have planned for the near future! Thank you so much for reading and following me! Click below to "like" me!  xxoo.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and the ahhh-mazing weather! :)  My weekend was full of friends, family, drinks, pool, a lot of eating... and a little online shopping!! :)  I am actually on my way out the door to another BBQ... with some Jeni's ice cream afterward!!  What did you do?

via {pinterest}
On Saturday... my sister, brother-in-law and some friends participated in {Crawl for Cancer} - a bar crawl that raises money and awareness for all cancers!  As usual, we had a fabulous time!  Can't wait to do it again next year.  Here is a photo from the day (before it got a little crazy)....

curing cancer one drink at a time! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Fancies: {Cools with Warms}

Lately, I have been inspired to mix colors that you normally might not put together!  The other day I picked up a robin-egg blue tank and tried it on real quick (while I was wearing red-ish shorts)... and loved the combination!  Later, I found the images below on {pinterest} and knew that I had to combine these colors together a little more often!  Wait... I just looked up from my desk and realized that I have light turquoise gallery frames hanging on a red-ish/orange wall - so maybe I've been secretly loving these colors together longer than I realized!  :)  Either way... it's new to me in my wardrobe!

Tonight I am going to meet some friends out for drinks!  Here is my {Friday's Fancies} inspiration outfit for the evening!  Hope you have a great holiday weekend with family and friends!!! xxoo.
polyvore created by {ashley gale}

Link up or check out other Friday's Fancies at {av}'s blog {here}.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post: {Bright.Bazaar}

This post is for all the men out there!  I have a few guy readers who have actually suggested I post something a little more geared towards them!  So I reached out to one of my favorite bloggers {Mr. Bazaar} for a little summer fashion inspiration to get you ready for Memorial Day Weekend and the warmer months!  Hope you enjoy! :)
Hello everyone! I'm Will from Bright.Bazaar, which is a lifestyle blog about all things colourful in interiors. As well as my blog, I work as a prop stylist based out of London and love all things prep! I'm delighted to be guest posting for Ashley today as the recent warm weather in London has had me craving some time at the beach, so I've pulled together some Hampton's 'preptastic' style market picks for guys. Along with JCrewJack Spade is always one of my first stops when I'm clothes shopping in New York City, and their dipped range of tote bags would make the great beach accessories for summer vacations. I also love Zara for their reasonably priced and colourful ranges - these boaters are no exception. As for anything striped or nautical, well, I'm usually reaching for my wallet before I've even left the changing rooms! What do you like about preppy fashion? Do you know of any great stores that stock the look?

If you're new to me and Bright.Bazaar, I'd love you to pop over and say hello on my 

Thanks for having me, Ashley!

Images: A | B | C | D
Shopping: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye 'O'

I just watched the last episode of Oprah and I have to say.... Wow! She really is so inspiring! :)  I feel like my DVR is going to get really lonely without her!  While I am not as avid of a watcher as I once was... (I scheduled all four years of college classes around her show at 4pm) - it was fun to catch up with Oprah on the weekends and watch the interviews, the stories, the celebrities and the GIVEAWAYS!!! :)  I'll miss you Oprah (and so will the retail industry... since you pre-determined the hottest and most desired Christmas gifts each year!)  xxoo! 

via {fabulous k}

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest Post: {Lilac and Grey}

Let me introduce you to Cara from the lovely blog {Lilac and Grey}.  I have been a follower of her blog since before I started my own and I have to say, she never disappoints!  Her posts are always inspiring and her recipes look so yummy!!  One of my favorite series is Cara's Tuesday Tablescapes!  I love a beautifully decorated table... and her picks are always gorgeous!!  Check out some of her inspirations for Simple Summer Tablescape Ideas below and then check her blog on Tuesday's for even more pretty tabletops!  xxoo, ashley
I was ecstatic when Ashley asked me to guest post about one of my favorite topics - Tablescapes! If you frequently read my blog Lilac and Grey you may know that I dedicate every Tuesday to a series I call "Tuesday Tablescapes." I love to search the web for ideas and inspiration that you can use at home. With summer just around the corner,  I am always looking for ideas to make summer dining al fresco a pleasure. Here  are a few of my favorites...

Elegant Garden Party:
Wouldn't this be the most gorgeous setting to invite all you girlfriends over for a brunch? I love the idea to mix and match chairs. Plus, that vintage camera and suitcase adds so much character to the table (also a great conversation starter!) Serve some fresh sangria and the girls may never want to leave!

Rustic Picnic:
This setting is so simple, yet gorgeous! Sometime you just have to let the landscape and food take center stage. You can find the recipes from this tablescape here.

Vintage Simplicity:
I love the use of vintage plates, mason jars, and vases in this tablescape! I am a BIG believer in mix and matching plates and glasses- it is a simple way to add character and personality. 

Cara Gardner is a New Jersey based Real Estate and Lifestyle Consultant. When she is not with clients she can be found on her blog Lilac and Grey sharing inspirational ideas about interior design, fashion and behind the scenes info about real estate.
{image 1 via: Brandon Kid via Elizabeth Anne Designs | image 2 via: Spicy Green Mango | image 3 Once Wed}

Monday, May 23, 2011

Socks with Heels?

How do you ladies feel about the trend - wearing pretty socks with heels?  These girls below can definitely pull it off, but I am not so sure I can!  So fun and pretty though....  

all images found via {pinterest}
You can even wear heels with plain old ribbed socks!!  Still a little crazy to me :)  What do you think?

If you weren't checking blogs yesterday... scroll down to see a spring/summer mood board below!  It will definitely get you in the spirit for warmer days and colorful accessories... maybe even a little healthy eating as well!  xxoo

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Avocado and Melon

Doesn't this color combination get you so excited for summer?? After this amazing weather the past couple of days, I am very excited for Summer! I need to try that melon and avocado salad and I also need that mint color Chanel ;)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week!

All images found via {pinterest}

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fab 5 Friday: Week 6

Happy Friday!  How excited are you that it is finally the weekend! It was a short week at work for me, but I am still so happy to see Friday!  I haven't done a fab five friday in a few weeks, so I thought I would have a special one - five fabulous finds for the bedroom!  I've been craving a move so I can redecorate my space!  I am starting with the bedroom since I haven't updated that since I graduated college.  While it will be sad to part with my beautiful anthropologie vintage bedding and decor , it is time for an update -- something a little more modern and fresh!  Below are five rooms I am LOVING! Have a great weekend :)

tufted headboard
glass side table
cozy reading nook
 striped chair
gold mirror
Images {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chevron - Take 2!

Last week I posted about how I'm loving chevron in home decor and how I would really like a big rug!  Then blogger went crazy.... after a week of my post still missing, I decided it is lost in cyberspace forever!  Here is a little inspiration from last week that I am still loving....

I have a slight obsession with anything chevron right now -- especially home interiors and especially rugs, flooring and paint!  I can't wait to move into a new place sometime soon so I can redecorate and add a little chevron to my decor! :)


You can find me at {long distance loving}

My friend {av} from {long distance loving} invited me to do a guest post while she vacations in California.  Since I lived in SF for a few years after college, I shared a few of my favorite places in one of the most fabulous cities in America!  Check out my post {here}!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wear that Space: Tan + Cobalt

Lately, I have seen different series going around the blogger world that mixes fashion and home decor - and I knew instantly that I definitely had to partake in the fun!  I will call mine "Wear that Space"!  There are so many times times that I see a photo of an amazing room or backyard or party that I want to create into an outfit.  With all of the fun colors and elements used in home decor today - you can easily translate it into fashion... and vice-versa!  This week I found a pretty simple (but amazing) room in shades of tan, cobalt and white!  While I am loving cobalt colored dresses and jeans, I chose a James Perse {tan dress} and accessorized it with a {white necklace}, {gold bag} and {cobalt shoes}! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Stamps

I love letters!  Actually, I love anything paper related.  I still have every single card that was ever given to me, categorized by year in pretty boxes that live in a hope chest.  But... I have an extra special box with all of my favorite letters, invites and other beautiful paper items (wedding programs, menus, etc)!  Yes, I am that person that you are not wasting your money on when you spend a little extra on an announcement or invitation!  I love them!  My newest obsession - gorgeous envelops with vintage stamps!  I can guarentee if I received this in the mail, I would stare at it for days and might not open it!

Here's another original thing you can do with your envelopes!  I first saw this in an email that Martha Stewart sent me (not personally).... but recently saw it again on {pinterest}!

But back to the vintage stamps - love, love, love! I think I am going to tuck this idea away for Christmas cards or potential wedding invites in the future!  Anyone know where I can start collecting these stamps?  I know there is always eBay, but has anyone seen them at Flea Markets?  Just fabulous....

images {via}

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pure White

What is it about white that is just so beautiful and relaxing!?  Since Spring is in full bloom, I have seen white pop up everywhere!  Mostly in clothing (lace and eyelet galore!!) but also in home decor.  I wish I had a big house with an extra room that I could decorate completely in pure white - (it would definitely have to be an "extra" room, since no one would be allowed in that room ;)!  xxoo!

Images {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Guitar from John Michael and Eddie Montgomery!

I feel like I need to apologize (again) for not having many updated posts this week!  But... this time it wasn't my fault!  If you blog, you know that blogger was out of commission Thursday and Friday and even since then there has been some glitches (still waiting for my Chevron post from Thursday and my Fab 5 post from Friday to reappear)! Fingers crossed! :)  

On Friday I got a surprise email from my sister (who is having a blast on her honeymoon) with this video below!  It is a short, unedited clip from the end of my dad's speech at her wedding last weekend!  If you love country music, you will love this...  but either way, it was a sweet surprise!  We are still anxiously awaiting the photos... so stay tuned!  Also, I promise there will be a full week of inspiring blog posts - as long as blogger doesn't fail again!  Have a great Sunday!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA...

Hi Friends!  I am so sorry I have been gone for awhile!  So much to update you on.... First - remember, my {travel post} last week and how I was craving a trip in the near future!?  That evening I came home from a long day of work to an email from one of my bff's...  it said, "I went ahead and booked us a hotel in London!  Because, why the hell not!?  Let's book flights asap"!  And.... we did - less than an hour later!!!  Yup, I am going to London in just a few months!! I am soooo excited :)

My sister's Wedding Weekend was absolutely fabulous! Everything was so beautiful and perfect and my family had a blast!  It is amazing how much fun and more special a family wedding is.  I didn't take a lot of photos because I was busy being a maid (or dancing all night long)... but here are a few mobile pics.  I will make sure to have a post dedicated to the wedding photos when we get them back from the photographer! :) 

...And they are now Mr. & Mrs. Huff!

I became obsessed with the iPhone app - Instagram (if you couldn't tell from the photos above)! It's like a new Pinterest to me - I could browse people's instagram photos all day! If you download the app, add me as a friend! :)  Oh... and I also got my first Shellac Manicure! Love, love, love and will most likely never go back to regular polish again!  It's already been 5 days and my nails are still perfect!

On Sunday we had a brunch for all of the out of town guests -- while most people were still celebrating the newlyweds, I was celebrating my momma for Mother's Day!  I couldn't imagine not giving a shout out to my wonderful mom who is one of my biggest blog followers (she has emailed me everyday this week asking when I was going to post again!!)  Thank you Mom for being YOU and for all of your support and the little things you do for me throughout the year - you have no idea how much they are appreciated.  A lot of people asked me what my favorite part of Amanda's wedding was - at first, I couldn't think of just one thing, but then I decided my favorite moment was when my mom finally relaxed and enjoyed herself on the dance floor! :)  xxoo!

Last night I went to the Bon Jovi Concert! We started the evening off with drinks and yummy appetizers and then headed to the concert for a night of singing and dancing with one of my favorite music artists of all time!

Oh... and last - I am no longer on a "wedding diet" (Yes, I know - I acted as if it was my own wedding)!!  I've already been to one of my favorite places twice since this weekend!  I love you Jeni, but I wish you did not live across the street from me! 

Photo taken by NKP
And now... it's already Wednesday! And... I am back to blogging :)  I have some fun things coming up in the near future for my blog - including a new series I am going to start next Wednesday! Check back daily!  Have a great day! :)  -ashley

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Wedding Time!

Hi Friends!  I am signing off until Monday as I am getting ready for the big wedding in our family this weekend! :)  Many of you know it's my sister's wedding on Saturday and all of the family arrives and fun festivities start tomorrow!  We are so very excited! :)  I am sure I will post lots of photos.... but until then here is a cute photo I found from the last time Amanda and I were in a wedding together :)  Have a great rest of the week!  xxoo, ashley

Amanda (left) and Ashley (right) - 1989

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bon Voyage!

No, I am not really going anywhere... but I am craving another trip soon!  I think London and Paris are really calling my name, but flight prices keep going up, not going down!  Also, I need to book a flight out West to see my girlfriends in LA!  Until then.... I am going to keep dreaming that I quit my job and became a professional Jet-Set Girl (I would be really, really, really good at that)!! 

Images {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}
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